Memorial Weekend Family Camp

May 28-31  -  You can begin checking in at 3 pm on the 28th.

Cost: Includes food and lodging (Pricing is per family, this is mother, father and children 18 and under)

Dinner Friday, 3 meals Saturday, 3 meals Sunday, breakfast Monday and Left-overs for Lunch.

1 person ~ $70

Family of 2 ~ $130

Family of 3 ~ $190

Family of 4 ~ $250

Family of 5 ~ $300

$300 is the max that any family will pay.

If you are doing your own food and are staying in an RV or guest house. Please contact the camp for a reduced rate. (If you are paying for this options, this is for all meals except left-over day)

Speaker: Ross Knudsen (BBC Professor of History)

Worship: Richard and Natalie Schuessler

Middle/High Leaders: Marshall and Katelynn Teter

Junior Age Leaders: Alex and Lakota Derrick



Ross Knudsen